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Dr Muhammad Asim Rehman Shaikh

Dr Shaikh received his Doctorate of Philosophy from Imperial College London, world top ranking institution, home to 14 Noble Laureates and 2 Field Medallist, where he pioneered first Physics based Universal Laws and found Unique numbers, quantified and reduced losses in Silicon devices and Power Networks attracting world’s attention − marked the path of progress in applied physics and engineering. Dr Shaikh was honoured with Distinction and holds a record in Master’s Degree from France top Grande École of Engineering ENST, Telecom Paris, recipient of Excellence Award. For the B.Engg. degree, topped the entire University of Engineering, Science & Technology, recipient of President Gold Medal and winner of Siemens Best Electrical and Electronic Engineer Gold Medal from the Finance Minister of Pakistan.

Dr Shaikh has two decades of international experience held senior posts in prime institutions of England and France contributed radically to new ideas to a number of distinct areas of applied Science, Electric Energy and Entrepreneurship.


Our warmest congratulations to Dr M. Asim Rehman Shaikh, recently received the industry's award for the EXCEPTIONAL GLOBAL INDUSTRY LEADER of the year.

 This award is a recognition to Dr Rehman Shaikh’s exceptional talent and service of many years to major industries, academia and govt. bodies set out to transform the lives. The unanimous decision to award him was for his leadership and creativity that has grown businesses and unfettered collaboration between multi-billion dollars entrepreneurial tech companies and major industry players. This has been an engine of economic recovery and job growth in the U.K.

Dr Rehman Shaikh in the role of Managing Director at Hamilton Machine Tools led multi-million dollars projects, inspired and a beacon within & beyond. His major contributions over the years are in the following roles:

Advisor Energy, Climate Change & Entrepreneurship to EU & Britain

Dr Shaikh negotiated with EU commissioners and their conservative cabinets a carbon emission trade scheme, and renewable energy directives when the commission engaged in power plays and confronted with knowledge - his strategic role of politics and science within the Commission became catalyst in transforming the politics into knowledge centres with huge investment poured in building smarter energy systems. Integrating large international groups’ mergers and acquisitions with sense of purpose by Dr Shaikh demonstrates his entrepreneurial flair.

Chief Scientific Officer

Seeking to advance discoveries, future technology trends through the link of scientific innovation and education to the industrial advances Dr Shaikh developed the charter, global framework for the cross-government policy for funders with ample evidence of the societal impact of their investment. Dr Shaikh unlocked opportunities from leverage funds through grants, lending schemes, guarantees and equity funds. This compelling attempt to devise structures and financing models surrounded influencing and lobbying is neither simple, nor linear, nor always easily measurable. His distinguished role in public relations by representing the goals and vision of the company at press conferences, meetings, conventions and international events established a top level network.

Senior Executive Vice President

Anticipating the need of a fresh deal-making would extend a dramatic portfolio reshaping of the organisation of Hamilton Machine Tools and Dr Shaikh formed new major divisions of energy business and negotiated expansion plans. His central role in the broad line-up of next generation of industrial products and alongside placed the group in a fortunate position of being financially in a place to consider deals and signing the joint ventures with the major operators in Oil & Gas. To maximize the profits and benefits the investment banks were brought in the I.C.C contracts authored by Dr Shaikh.
Dr Rehman Shaikh rouse to the top ranks exciting and inspiring with courage, vision, never hesitated to place bet on ideas ahead of time, pushed back the boundaries to set new business trends & transformed Hamilton Machine Tools Group to a resilient organisation with a global leadership position.

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